Tigressa Carpet Selection

Stylish & Durable

Tigressa Carpet

Floor to Ceiling Carpet One is proud to offer the Carpet One exclusive, Tigressa. Tigressa is an industry leader that provides luxurious carpets for homes and offices. Collections such as Tigressa Cherish, Tigressa SoftStyle, and Tigressa H2O offer something for every lifestyle.

Tigressa uses innovative fibers that are half the size of a human hair! This is important because the size of fibers reflect on the feel of a carpet— the thinner the fiber, the softer the carpet. Moreover, it also plays a role in durability. Every carpet consists of bundles of fibers, and when fibers are fine, more can be packed into a bundle. Easier said, more fibers packed tightly together increases performance. The fibers also feature Tigressa’s patented Color Protective Technology to keep your colors rich and vibrant for years.


Meet the Tigressa Family

  1. Tigressa Carpet in living room

    Tigressa Cherish: Stylish and highly durable carpets

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  2. Tigressa carpet in dining area

    Tigressa H2O: Be worry free with these stain-resistant carpets

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  3. Tigressa carpet in living room

    Tigressa SoftStyle: Fashionable carpets for the home or office

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