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Luxury Vinyl Flooring Guide 

If you’re in the market for new flooring, then we have you and your home covered at Floor to Ceiling Carpet One Floor & Home in Fargo. Since we are part of one of the world’s largest floor covering cooperatives, we have the ability to give our customers the best selection of flooring. That means you can choose from some of the hottest flooring options, luxury vinyl flooring. Luxury vinyl might not be a new product, but it is quickly gaining popularity among homeowners.

Luxury vinyl is a rapidly growing flooring category on the market as well. Not only has it seen major growth, but it has also seen several changes and improvements over the years. Luxury vinyl is not the same vinyl you remember from your grandmother’s kitchen in the 70’s. Luxury vinyl today is made to be tough, durable, and look like high end wood or tile.

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Luxury vinyl flooring, or LVT flooring, has become more and more popular in residential and commercial settings. Join our very own Jim Aaron, VP of Merchandising for Carpet One Floor & Home, for some inside information about luxury vinyl.

Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury vinyl flooring offers many features and benefits that contribute to its popularity. Luxury vinyl is known as a versatile flooring option because of how well it performs under multiple conditions. Some luxury vinyl floors are made to be scratch and scuff resistant, which are perfect form homes with pets that have long claws.

Another benefit of luxury vinyl flooring is how well it replicates the look of hardwood and stone flooring. Thanks to advancements in technology in the flooring industry, luxury vinyl gets its “luxury” name from the way it looks. From not only mimicking the color but also the grain texture of hardwood, you can get the same beautiful flooring but with the added benefit of it being vinyl.

Types of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury vinyl flooring comes in many different sizes, styles, designs, trends and more. Among those choices are luxury vinyl planks and luxury vinyl tiles. These floors are made to replicate the authentic look and feel of natural wood or stone options. Most luxury vinyl floors come with some sort of water resistance, while others are made to be totally waterproof. Since luxury vinyl is constantly being improved, flooring like WPC and rigid core are emerging.

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Where can Luxury Vinyl be Installed?

Natural flooring options are beautiful, but they can be limited in where they can be installed around your home. Luxury vinyl eliminates that issue with durable and resilient planks that resist moisture and can handle day to day activity. Luxury vinyl tiles are just as versatile as regular tiles, but have the added benefit of being more forgiving and comfortable underfoot.

The best rooms to install luxury vinyl flooring in would include basements, kitchens and bathrooms, and even mudrooms. Its water, scratch, and scuff resistance make this floor ultra-durable.

Our Luxury Vinyl Selection

Be sure to visit our Floor to Ceiling Carpet One Floor & Home showroom in Fargo, ND to see our luxury vinyl selection first-hand. We offer name brands you have come to trust as well as our own exclusive brands such as Invincible™ and VERÓSTONE™, which are backed by our award winning warranties.

  1. Invincible H2O luxury vinyl flooring

    Invincible H2O is waterproof, kid-proof, and pet-proof.

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  2. invincible xt

    Invincible XT features a rigid core construction.

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  3. Invincible LVP

    Invincible LVT is a durable alternative to wood and stone.

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Types of Luxury Vinyl

Luxury vinyl flooring comes in many different options, including planks and tiles that are made to look just like real tile and hardwood flooring. Explore more of our luxury vinyl types by following the link below. 

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Choosing the Best Luxury Vinyl

Finding the perfect floor can sometimes be a difficult and confusing process. Let us make it easier by giving you a few tips about how to choose the best luxury vinyl floors for your home. 

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