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Kitchen Design: A Home's Focal Point

It’s nothing new to say that the kitchen is the heart of the home.  Some families rush in and out of the kitchen to their daily activities and require smart storage and family organization!  Some families are lucky enough to spend time creating meals and memories in their kitchen.  The kitchen plays a major role in family togetherness and is often a priority in the top features of a Home Buyer's wish list when it comes to real-estate.

Top requirement? Islands!  Every kitchen in new construction or remodel tries to tie in some kind of island or peninsula space for either prep work, grocery un-loading landing space, or eating space for the family. An island is important and our experienced designers at Floor to Ceiling Carpet One are experts in planning your kitchen with the best island layout for you and your family.

Colors have eased in saturation as tinted whites and charcoals take over as well as grey-toned muted paints.  With these clean and subdued color pallets, textures play a large role in creating interest through geometric tile backsplashes or floors. Herringbone, quatrefoil, chevron, or honeycomb to name a few. With all of our cabinet lines (10 to be exact!) we are confident we can find the right color pallet and price point for you. Each cabinet line features paints and stains on multiple wood species, as well as a plethora of organizational components for your busy family.

Food and culinary cuisine has been trending for years with the help of Food Network and social media, thus the push for stainless steel appliances.  Multiple prep surfaces such as butcher blocks, marble, or quartz as well as multiple sinks give the chef freedom to move around the kitchen and other family members to assist with prep work.

Lighting and technology are high in priority as well:  Integrated or hidden charging stations inside cabinetry and countertops charge cell phones and tablets.  Lighting is incorporated with motion sensors, under cabinet lighting, or inside feature cabinets, cleverly hidden with LED being the most popular choice for bulbs.  LED’s are extremely energy efficient, long lasting, cool burning and come in a variety of color rendering choices.



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