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Hardwood Flooring Guide

Evergreen and enduring, hardwood flooring has outlived decades of forgotten trends, continuing to beckon to homeowners throughout the ages. Made to last and last, hardwood flooring truly stands the test of time. A true chameleon of the interior design world, hardwood flooring seamlessly incorporates into all style schemes: from contemporary to classical. Even better, hardwood flooring is ripe for refinishing, making it an appealing option for those struggling to commit to a finish.

Hardwood flooring is a wonderful flooring option for many reasons, but it isn’t appropriate for all uses. Since it can sometimes be pricier than other types of flooring, it makes sense to choose your hardwood flooring very, very carefully. Get to know as much as you can about the different types of hardwood flooring, and research your various options. Of course, you can always count on our experts to answer any questions as they arise: we’re happy to help you pick a floor that’s a perfect fit for your budget and lifestyle.

What is The Difference Between Solid and Engineered Hardwood?

Hardwood flooring is certainly stunning to look at, but perhaps even more impressive are the goings-on beneath the surface. Although the two major types of hardwood flooring – solid and engineered – appear alike, the truth is there’s more than meets the eyes.

With solid hardwood flooring, individual planks are made using a single piece of wood. Solid hardwood is the original, traditional method of crafting hardwood flooring, and is thus the favorite of traditionalists. It can be refinished countless times, but needs to be installed on or above grade.

A more modern variety of wooden flooring, engineered hardwood has become quite popular with homeowners in need of a more affordable, more water-resistant hardwood. Made entirely of wood, but built in multiple layers, engineered hardwood is denser and more durable than its solid sister, but can be still be refinished. It can also be installed below grade.

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At Floor to Ceiling Carpet One Floor & Home in Fargo, we love the bold beauty of natural hardwood flooring.

Our current inventory features thousands of options and, as a locally owned-and-operated member of the world’s largest flooring cooperative, we’re able to offer up all your favorite flooring brands. You’ll also discover Carpet One exclusives that simply aren’t available elsewhere, including Rustic River, Invincible, and Extreme Value.

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